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Speak with Class - An Elocution and Accent Softening Course

Speaking with clear diction and remarkable eloquence offers tremendous opportunities for business and career growth. It helps to command the listener’s attention and enhances one’s confidence. Built around our unique and proven methodology, this course will help you soften mother-tongue interference and acquire impeccable diction that will stand you out as articulate and attractive, every time. This public workshop is accentuated with audio and video lessons for all students.

Communicate to Inspire - A Public Speaking Course

If you want to move from merely dumping information to creating a powerful communication experience for your listeners – one that grabs their attention right off the bat, evokes emotions, and inspires action or change – there is no better place to start than with our Communicate to Inspire course. This course is designed especially for those who want to overcome speaking anxiety, craft compelling and memorable messages, and significantly elevate their delivery skills.

Present with Impact - A Presentation Skills Course

The ability to stand up and deliver a high-impact presentation, complete with effective visuals and passionate delivery that moves the heart and mind of each audience member, is more important today than ever before. It could mean the difference between success and failure in business. This course will help you learn and master the techniques for a pitch perfect presentation so that you make a winning presentation at work, win over an investor, close a sale, or land a job. Perfect for leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professionals who have to persuade others to action and increase their personal impact.

Other Training Options


Our corporate trainings are designed to address an organization’s specific communications needs, allowing us to design each session to the host organization. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to train your team at the same time. Let us know about your organization’s professional development objectives for your executive team, your senior managers or your entire organization.


With the right elocution, accent softening and public speaking training, perfectly suited to your needs, you can go from being a less-than-average communicator to being a first-class speaker in a short period of time. The personal coaching option begins with a free online appraisal through which we identify your exact communication needs, and then work out a one-to-one training plan that’s perfect for you.

Elocution for Schools

We work with schools to create and deliver elocution lessons to pupils aged 4 and over. Our goal for our students is less about merely putting on an accent and more about supporting them to gain thorough mastery of spoken English without losing their naturalness. Our unique and proven methodology ensures that the pupils are able to properly enunciate the sounds of the English Language as well as recreate the melody of spoken English using such tools as word stress, connected speech and intonation. The net result is that they will become more fluent and confident when they speak English, leading to increased confidence and opportunities.