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The Speech Academy is a leading communications institute training individuals and organizations in the art of effective communications – elocution, accent softening, public speaking, presentation skills and executive presence.

What Makes a Great Leader?

How can you increase your influence and maximize your personal impact?
Whether you are pitching ideas or selling products, interviewing for a job or leading a team, communication is critical to your success. It is the most valuable tool today for those who desire to influence others. Leaders today can only be as effective as their ability to communicate in a way that engages and moves people to action. At The Speech Academy, our mission is to transform less-than-average speakers into first-class communicators who are able to command the room, connect with an audience, inspire action and ultimately, change the world. We equip leaders and aspiring leaders with the tools to craft their unique message and communicate it effectively for global impact.

Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively

Gerald R. Ford

Our Trainings


Our corporate trainings are designed to address an organization’s specific communications needs, allowing us to design each session to the professional development needs of the host organization. Our trainings are perfectly suited for executives, senior managers or an organization’s entire staff.


We offer public workshops focusing on eloction, accent softening, public speaking or corporate presentations several times a year, with limited spaces to ensure sufficient individual attention. These workshops also include online sessions offering video and audio coaching.


Our personal coaching option begins with a free online appraisal that allows us to identify exactly what your communication challenges are, and then work out a one-to-one training plan that’s perfect for you through audio and video lessons, and personalized training modules.


We work with schools to create and deliver elocution lessons to pupils aged 4 and above. Our goal for our students is less about merely putting on an accent and more about supporting them to gain thorough mastery of spoken English without losing their natural speaking ability.

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What our clients say


Since 2009, The Speech Academy courses have successfully helped thousands of people from different walks of life to find clarity in their ideas, hone their public speaking delivery skills, and gain mastery of spoken English. Here’s what some of our clients and communication experts have to say about us.

“The Speech Academy has had a positive influence in our learning community here at Ibadan International School. The Speech Academy team are always professional and motivating. The audio clips covering common pronunciation errors are a unique feature of their services which are of particular benefit. We are certainly satisfied with The Speech Academy!”
Helen Chatburn-Ojehomon
Deputy Head of School, Ibadan International School
“The Speech Academy teaches speech techniques that are extremely simple, practical and effective. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice speaker or a veteran, these concepts will transform the way you communicate and give you an edge every time.”

Bisi Olawuyi
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Communication & Language Arts, University of Ibadan
“I’ve had a number of speaking engagements since I participated in The Speech Academy's elocution and public speaking workshop, and everything about the way I come across as a public speaker has changed remarkably- from my articulation and pronunciation of words to my non-verbal delivery. I have also found the follow-up lessons after the training extremely helpful. I intend to keep putting into practice everything I’ve learned from The Speech Academy.”
Gate Kowe
Medical Doctor

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